The Soul Hustler with Vidette Vanderweide



Ever get confused about the how of creating a great life. Well, it has nothing to do with the “modern-day hustle,” and everything to do with hustlin’ for your soul FIRST.  I’ll connect you with IT, so you can co-create an inspired, creative life.

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My work, my life, and this site is dedicated to showing you how the creative process of life IS our direct connection to our soul.






What makes my work different?

As a licensed hypnotherapist, I believe that sessions work; as long as the client is committed to the session-work until they experience expansive changes in their habits and behaviors. 

As we can all agree, life can sometimes give us an easy excuse not to “do the work.” Time, finances, kids, and other responsibilities can sometimes put a client’s inner work and sessions on the back burner and change does not occur. Life looks the same, stays complacent, year after year and we wonder why we continue to “hustle” our way through life.

It’s like going to the gym. You cannot go once or twice and expect to see a major expansion in your physical health. You. must. commit.

Commitment to your emotional well-being, your life experience,  and your soul is necessary, too. You…we…must “hustle” for it as much as we hustle for all the material aspects of life.

I believe in immersing a client into their creative themselves for a longer period of time.

This is when the deeper “stuff” can be accessed. This is when blocks can be revealed and healed. This is when the BIG “a-ha’s” can lead a client to a deeper knowing of themselves. This is when expansive change happens.

I also believe deeply that there is MUCH more to human life than meets the eye!

There is a creative life, that emanates from one’s soul,  that MUST be in alignment and in constant, conscious evolvement with the human life, as well.


Aligning these TWO parts to human life is essential to my work with clients…aligning the physical, emotional, and creative parts of you creates a WHOLE you…which in turn, creates a WHOLE life experience.


To do this, I offer immersive, private programs for clients locally in Austin, TX, or by Skype, and group “creativity adventures” to tap into soulful moments that spark the inner “hustle” you’ll actually enjoy!